Louth House

Completion Date: 2015
Floor Area: 236sqm / 2540sqft
Contractor: Newgrange Construction Ltd
Architectural Team: James McKevitt
Louth House

Situated on a spectacular site, this house commands views of the surrounding countryside. The new building is designed around a central courtyard in a vernacular farmyard arrangement, incorporating the original stone farmhouse. The footprint of the new house sits on the part outline of the original stone outbuildings – this stone was salvaged and reused in the new construction, for the beauty of the stone itself, but also in respect for the legacy of the former buildings and their use. The original fieldstone is complemented by the prominently featured hardwood timber and natural slate, and continues the theme of traditional materials. Perched on raised ground, every room of the house enjoys unique views of the surrounding landscape, overlooking the surrounding fields. The various views are captured in different ways, some framed in a focused picture window or directional window and others with large expanses of glazing. Perched on the top of a hill parts of the house project out over the sloping landscape, pushing out into the view. The arrangement of the new building form is comprised of three single-storey elements connected with glazed link corridors, which helps reduce the visual mass and stitches the house into the rural landscape. Some of the external materials such as the timber and stone are brought inside, which are enhance by the use of polished concrete floors throughout. A beautiful house, in a beautiful setting, exemplifying sensitive and considered rural domestic design.

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