House Bective

Completion Date: 2020
Floor Area: 279sqm / 3003 sqft
Contractor: Newgrange Construction Limited
Architectural Team: James McKevitt, Adrian King, Eoin O'Donnell, Emma Kennedy
Bective House

Bective House

Weir View House sits on one of the most beautifully located sites in Meath. Overlooking the River Boyne it enjoys views of Bellinter Bridge over the river’s plains and surrounding farmland. The house has a balanced formal front façade, using pressed metal and cut stone detailing to give a sharp finish. The side and rear elevations open up in a more contemporary expression to allow views out and light in. Deep overhanging canopies provide sheltered external amenity spaces which also provide solar shading to the large open plan internal living space. The interior is enhanced with complimentary furnishings and fittings which maintain the uncluttered spacious effect. 

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